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Clan creators.
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the creators of the clan are....
and last but not least, the one who thought of it all....nightdude05!

story line of how we came to be the dragoncrew clan.(since october 19th, 2005.)
it all started when cyclone999 was fishing some lobsters, and knightdude05 asked him a question on personal chat, and that question was"do you wanna start a clan?" and cyclone999 said"sure id like to do that......" not knowing if the clan would start a growing trend of members joining left to right..... so after about the next hour of having our clan set up, just about 4 people had allready joined! and then cyclone999 decided to make a site for the clan to keep everything organized, and under control. so now the clan has grown to be VERY succesful in wild wars, and very popular throughout runescape. and hopefully alot more people will join within the time we have to hold the clan together.
if you have quit the clan and no longer want to be in it please e-mail the site creator at thank you for your time and have fun with our wild wars.

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