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Black night's fortress
  1. Talk to sir amek varse, he will tell you that the Black knights are planning to destroy the White knights. He will ask you to spy on them. Accept his challenge.

  2. The next place you need to go is the Monastery. It is located east of Ice Mountain. When you reach there, go north and you will see some Cabbages. Pick one up.

  3. Now it's time to start your mission. Go to the Black Knights Fortress which is located on the north side of Ice Mountain. If you have the Bronze medium helmet and the Iron chainmail right now, wear them. After donning them, open the sturdy door in the central part of the fortress, facing the south. Push the wall just behind the door and go up the ladder.

  4. After you push the wall, climb the 2 ladders to get to the top floor. Climb down the ladder on your southeast side. Open the door on your east side. Open the other door and climb up the ladder. This room has two cannons and a Black knight. Climb down the ladder on your east side. You will be now in a room with a Zamorak altar. Open the door and a Black knight will attack you. Either kill him or ignore him, then keep going. Climb the ladder on your southwest. Now you will be in a small room

  5. Now we will start spying. Click the option on Listen-at grill. The witch will say that the secret weapon is almost ready. She will need the last ingredient which is a Cabbage that grew in Draynor Manor. She will say that if the goblin fetches the wrong Cabbage, the secret weapon will be destroyed. That's your way to destroy the weapon!

  6. Go back downstairs to the main floor and push the wall. Now it's time to open the door on your east. One of the guards will say that the Black knights are having an important meeting and they will kill everyone who gets in. Say that you are brave and go in. One of the Black knights will attack you. Either kill him or go up the ladder. Walk east and south and push the wall. You will see a hole. Remember the Cabbage you picked? Use that Cabbage on the hole. The Cabbage will fall into the cauldron and destroy the weapon. Now your job is done.

  7. Go back and talk to sir amek varse. He will reward you.

cooks assistant
  1. Talk to the cook in Lumbridge Castle. He will ask you to help him get the ingredients for the cake because he has forgotten to buy them. Tell him that you will help.

  2. Getting the ingredients.

    Flour: Get a pot in Lumbridge Castle. Then head northwest. You should find a windmill. There is a grain field west of the windmill. Pick one Grain and go into the windmill. Go up to the top floor and use your Grain on the hopper. Operate the hopper and go back down. Use your Pot with the Flour.

    Egg: You can find some eggs at a farm located northeast of Lumbridge. After you find the farm, there should be some chickens there. You can find some eggs near the chickens.

    Milk: There should be a house near the chickens at the farm. Enter the house and get a bucket. Exit the farm and go to the east of this farm. You will find some cows there. Use the bucket on a dairy cow and you will get a bucket of milk.

  3. After you get all the ingredients, return to the cook and he will reward you.

demon slayer

  1. Talk to the Gypsy in her tent and pay her a coin to reveal the future to you. She'll do her thing and tell you that Delrith has been released. She also says that you're the only one that can stop him. She goes on into some history of Delrith, then tells you to see Sir Prysin in Varrock castle. Make sure you ask what the magical incantation is. You don't need to write it down if you're using the guide (of course).

  • Sir Prysin is in the south west side of the castle. Ask him about Silverlight and find out he needs 3 keys to unlock the chest containing Silverlight. He'll tell you to talk to Captain Rovin on an upper floor of the castle.

  • Go upstairs and find Captain Rovin and talk until he gives you his key.

  • Sir Prysin dropped a key down the drain also (what a klutz), so head to the most northeast room and go upstairs, grab a bucket, go back downstairs and fill it from the sink.

  • Use the bucket of water with the drain then hurry down into the sewers through the manhole, go a little ways in and you should find the key in no time.

    Here are some pictures that show the way to the key from the entrance:

    Key 1 Map
    Key 2 Map

  • Collect 25 bones and head to the Wizard Tower south of Draynor Village. Talk to the Wizard Traiborn to get your 3rd key after some mumblings about dumb stuff.

  • Go back to Sir Prysin with all 3 keys and you get Silverlight from him at long last.

  • Head out the south gate of Varrock to the Dark wizards' stone circle. Wield Silverlight and charge at Delrith full force. Fight him until he has full red bar. Then there will be a cool animation of him half sucked into the vortex from whence he came.

  • Choose "Carlem Aber Camerinthum Purchai Gabindo" to get the demon vanquished. If you choose the wrong one, you must fight Delrith again, and possibly repeat until you get the right one.

  • Once he's gone (Congratuations) you're done and you get the reward.
    1. dorics quest
      1. First off go talk to Doric who is located North-West of Falador, and he will tell you that to use his anvils he wants 6 Clay, 4 Copper ore, and 2 Iron ore.

      2. If you already have a pickaxe skip this step. If you don't have one yet, walk over to Barbarian Village and in one of the buildings you will see a Bronze pickaxe on a table. Pick it up.

      3. Ok, so you have your pickaxe with you, walk over to the northern entrance of the Dwarven Mines which is located North-East of Falador.

      4. Once you get there go down the trap door and go south until you see some iron and copper rocks. Mine 2 Iron ore and 4 Copper ore from them. Then go south a little bit more and you will see some clay rocks. Mine 6 of these.

      5. Now you have your 6 Clay, 4 Copper ore, and 2 Iron ore in your inventory. Return to Doric and give him the ores. He will appreciate it very much and will reward you with 1 quest point, 180 coins, and approximately 1,300 mining experience. Congratulations you have just finished Doric's Quest and can now use his anvils.

      Dragon slayer!
      1. Talk to the Champion's Guild Master. Ask him about Rune plate armour and he'll tell you about Oziach. His house is near Edgeville.

      2. Talk to Oziach. Ask him about Rune plate, where the Dragonfire Shield is, and the map pieces. He should give you a key to Melzar's Maze.

      3. Go to the Oracle, located above the Dwarven Mines, with your Silk, Wizard's mind bomb, Unfired bowl, and Lobster pot. She'll tell you about a door in the mines. Go down there. The door is near the east part of the mine. When you go through the door, your Silk, Wizard's mind bomb, Unfired bowl, and Lobster pot should disappear. Check the chest. You'll get a Map piece.

      4. Grab some food. Go to Melzar's Maze (it's south of the Crafting Guild). Use your Maze key on the door. Kill some giant rats until you get a Red key. Use it on the Northwest door. Go up the ladder.

      5. Kill ghosts until you get an Orange key. Use it on the door SECOND FROM THE NORTH. A lot of people mess up here.

      6. Kill skeletons until you get a Yellow key. Use it on the southwest door (the MOST southwest door, that is). Go down the ladders until you get to some zombies.

      7. Kill zombies until you get a Blue key. Use it on the northwest door. Kill Melzar the Mad until you get a Magenta key. Go through the door.

      8. Kill the Lesser Demon and he'll drop the final key, which is Green (thank you graystar!). Use it on the door. Check the chest and get the second Map piece.

      9. Drop by a bank and take out either A) A bow and arrows B) Some runes to mage Wormbrain to death or C) 10k. If you brought the 10k, you don't need runes for telegrab. If you plan to kill Wormbrain, you'll need to telegrab the Map piece.

      10. A. Mages/Archers need to just attack Wormbrain in the Port Sarim jail. When he's dead, use telekinetic grab on the map piece he drops. Use the map pieces on each other to form the complete map.

        B. Pures/People unable to telegrab need to talk to Wormbrain. Ask him about the map piece. He'll eventually tell you he'll sell it to you for 10k. Talk to him again and pay him. He should give you the Map piece. Use the Map pieces on each other to form the complete map.

      11. Go to Lumbridge and talk to the Duke in Lumbridge Castle. Ask him about a shield to protect you from a dragon. He'll give you the Dragonfire shield. It's advised that you drop this one, get another one, and pick up the first one you dropped in case you die.

      12. Pick up your 2000 coins, a Hammer, three Planks, 90 nails, and your Map from a bank. Head back to Port Sarim. Go to the dock east of the food store. Talk to the guy on the dock named Klarense. Keep talking until you can offer to buy the ship. He'll tell you the price. Buy it. Now, go on board and go down a deck. Use a plank on the hole near you. Keep using planks until the hole is filled. Talk to your swabbie to go off the ship.

      13. Now, go to Draynor. Talk to Ned and he'll offer to take you to Crandor. Give him your Map and he'll tell you to meet him at the ship. This is the big fight you've been waiting for. Pick up potions, food, armor and weapons (magic equipment, or crossbow/darts) AND YOUR DRAGONFIRE SHIELD. Since a shield cannot be wielded while using a regular bow, this is NOT recommended (dragon fire frequently hits for 26 damage); a Crossbow and Bolts (or Members throwing weapon) that allows you to use a shield is one alternative for rangers; run into the ruins along the walls of her chamber, she will ignore you, and her fire can't reach you. This is good for rangers and mages.

      14. Go to your ship (The Lady Lumbridge). Go down a deck and talk to Ned. Off to Crandor!

      15. When you get to Crandor, your ship'll be banged up. Walk off the ship and go up the hill. Follow the path until you reach some King Scorpions. Evade them and walk north until you get to another up point. Go up past here, and dodge the Lesser Demon. Go down the cave opening.

      16. Dodge the skeletons down here and walk further past the stronger skeletons. Go through the door. CAUTION I'd take your potions RIGHT NOW if you have any. If you forgot to bring your Dragonfire Shield, I'd suggest you go get it before even attempting to kill Elvarg.

      17. This is it. Attack Elvarg (level 83). She hits quite hard for a level 83. When I fought her, she maxed out a 10 (with melee, she can hit to 65 with her breath if you aren't wearing your shield). Eat when you need to, and make sure you don't die.

      18. When you beat her, you'll be transported outside her cage. Don't freak out if a skeleton gets you, just walk towards the lessers (south, I believe) and go through the "secret" wall. The command should be "Open". Your character will "memorize" the location for future use. Once you've done this you can either teleport to Lumbridge, or continue walking out of Karamja dungeon. Head east-southeast, and amid the skeletons you will see a dangling rope. Climb it to reach the outside world, where you will find yourself atop Karamja's volcano. To get off Karamja, try the following.

        Bring money when you come
        Kill Skeletons or lesser demons for the coins they drop
        Pack bananas
        Kill Imps for items and then sell those to general store (not recommended)

        *yay* You completed The Dragon Slayer! Go buy your Rune plate, you Champion you!

        Here is a picture of the wall:

        Secretdoor image

      ernest the chicken
      1. Talk to Veronica outside the Mansion in Draynor. She will tell you about Ernest. He has been in the house for an hour and he hasn't came out yet. Tell her that you will help her find Ernest.

      2. Go inside the house. Go to the top of the house and you will find Professor Oddenstein. Talk to him and ask about Ernest. He will tell you that he has changed Ernest into a chicken. He will also tell you that his machine is broken, but if you fix it, he can change Ernest back to a man. He will ask you to get him 3 items: an Oil can, a Rubber tube and a Pressure gauge.

      3. Oil can: Go to the basement of this Manor. You will find that it is a mini maze.

        Pull A and B lever. Open the NE door.
        Pull D lever. Open the SW door. Open the South door.
        Pull A and B lever again. Open the NW door. Open West door. Open North door
        Pull F and E lever. Open the East door. Open the East door.
        Pull C lever. Open the NW door. Open the West door.
        Pull E lever. Open the East door. Open the South door. Open South door.
        Open the West door and grab the Oil can.

      4. Rubber tube: Go back to the ground floor and go to the east room and grab the Spade. Go out, go north, west and south and you will find the pile of compost. Use your spade on it and you will get a key. Go back into the house and open the door with a skeleton inside. Don't worry about the skeleton. Pick up the Rubber tube and exit this room.

      5. Pressure gauge: Go to the second floor and go to the room directly south of the stairs. Pick up the Fish food then go back down. Go to the west room and pick up the Poison. Use the Poison on the Fish food and go outside. Go southwest of the Manor and you will find a fountain. Use the Poisoned fish food on the fountain and search the fountain. You will get the Pressure gauge.

      6. Go back to Professor Oddenstein and talk to him. He will change Ernest back to a man. Ernest will reward you.

      goblin diplomacy
      1. Walk north from Port Sarim and head into Falador. Walk to the north entrance of Falador and take the northwest path, continuing north until you reach the Goblin Village.
      2. Talk to General Wartface. He and General Bentnoze immediately start arguing about the color of their armor. Go thru all of the speaking options and you will learn that they want you to provide them with orange armor. Kill enough goblins to pick up 3 Goblin mail, which is a random drop.
      3. Aggie the Witch is located in Draynor Village, just east of Port Sarim. Ask her if she can make red, yellow, and blue dyes for you. She will tell you to collect 3 redberries, 2 onions, and 2 woad leaves. Each dye will cost you 5gp.
      4. Walk back to Port Sarim. There is a food store there - purchase the 3 Redberries. Redberries are also a respawn south of Varrock.

      5. Walk west from the food store. You will come to a path that goes north - follow it until you come to a field of onions. Get 2.

      6. Continue north on the path into Falador. Enter the park and talk to Wyson the Gardener. Offer him 20gp and you'll get 2 Woad leaves from him in 1 conversation.
      7. Walk back to Draynor Village and Aggie the Witch. Have her make you a red, yellow, and blue dye. Combine the red and yellow dye to make orange dye.

      8. Use the orange dye on one set of Goblin mail and the blue dye on another set. You should now have an orange Goblin mail, a blue Goblin mail, and an unchanged brown Goblin mail. Walk back to the Goblin Village.
      9. Talk to General Bentnoze a few times to hand over all 3 pieces of armor. Give him the original Goblin mail last and you will have sorted out their argument.

      imp catcher
      1. Talk to Wizard Mizgog. He will tell you he has lost his beads which are Red bead, White bead, Black bead and Yellow bead. He will also tell you that Wizard Grayzag's imp has stolen the beads. Tell him that you will return the beads to him

      2. You can find some imps next to the room where you are. Kill some imps to get the beads. Be patient. Imps don't usually drop them. Areas to find Imps are Karamja volcano and south of Falador. If you don't want to kill imps, don't worry. There is another way to get the beads. You can buy beads from players. That will save a lot of time

      3. After you have collected all the beads, return to Wizard Mizgog. He will reward you,

      the nights sword
      1. Talk to the squire about his mishap, he'll direct you to Reldo at the Varrock Castle Library (located on the ground floor in castle at the back). Reldo will give you the location of the last Incamdo Dwarf in Runescape. (If you accidently say you need a quest, you will start the Shield of Arrav quest, and until you find the book on one of the bookshelves, you will not be able to ask about the quest you really want to work on.)

      2. Head southwest of Port Sarim to the cliff that Thurgo lives below. Give him your Redberry pie and he'll get talkative. He needs a picture so head back the White Knight's Castle. Talk to the squire to find out about the picture. Go up to the south side of the 3rd floor. Search the cupboard in his bedroom while Sir Vyvin is not in the room.

      3. Go back to Thurgo, bring the Iron bars, pickaxe and your armour etc. if you want to save yourself a later trip. Talk to Thurgo and he'll say you need Blurite ore. Go into the cave to the east, on the hill above his house. Head deep until you come to the ice room, run past the ice warriors and giants to the back wall, mine some Blurite ore quickly and get out of there.

      4. Take the 2 iron bars and Blurite ore to Thurgo and he'll make the sword. Take it back to the squire for your reward. I had trouble parting with my sword because it looked so cool.
        Here's a picture:

        Blurite Sword

      If interested here is how you can get yourself a Blurite sword AND finish the quest!

      1. Start the quest normally, until Thurgo the Dwarf tells you to get the materials.

      2. Instead of getting 1 Blurite ore and 2 Iron bars, get 2 Blurite ore and 4 Iron bars.

      3. Tell Thurgo the Dwarf to smith the sword when you're done getting the ingredients.
        HOWEVER, do NOT speak to him twice... yet.

      4. After Thurgo gives you the sword, drop it and QUICKLY, before it disappears, talk to him again. He'll make you another sword.

      5. Pick up your sword and go back to Sir Vyvin's squire. Once again, drop one of your Blurite swords and QUICKLY talk to the Squire to give him one sword and get your reward.

      6. Pick up your sword, and enjoy!

      pirates treasure
      1. Talk to Redbeard Frank the pirate, he will tell you about the treasure. Say that you want to get the treasure. He will ask you to get him a rum.

      2. Travel to Karamja and get off the ship. Go to the bar and buy a Karamjan rum which costs 30 coins.

      3. Now talk to Luthas in the house northeast of the bar. Talk to him and say that you want to help him. He will give you a job.

      4. Go to the banana field west of this house. Pick 10 bananas and go back to Luthas' house. Just east of it you will see a crate. Use some (not all) bananas in the crate then use the Karamjan rum on the crate.The rum is now inside. Put the remaining bananas in the crate until it's full. After it's full, talk to Luthas and he will pay you 30 coins.

      5. Travel back to Port Sarim and walk west. You will see a man called Wydin who owns a food shop. If you have the White apron now, put it on. If you don't, go to the clothes shop in Varrock to buy one.

      6. Talk to Wydin and ask him to hire you, if you are wearing the White apron, he will hire you. When you need to get hired by Wydin he won't hire you if you talk to him. Instead you must try to open the storeroom door and he will tell that you can't go in unless you are an employee; then if you have the apron on and ask him, he will hire you.

      7. Search the all crates that are in the storeroom. One of them contains bananas and your Karamjan rum, take the Karamjan rum out.

      8. Talk to Redbeard Frank and he will be pleased and give you a key. He will say that a chest in Varrock contains the treasure.

      9. Go to Varrock and and go inside the Blue Moon Inn which is south of the General Stall.Go up to the second floor and into the west room. Use the key on the chest. You will get a note. Read it and it will tell you that the treasure is in Falador's park.

      10. Now it's time to dig up the treasure. Go into the park and find a statue. West of it is a large "X" on the ground. If you have the spade, dig at the center of the "X". If you don't, find one in Falador in the house east of the Furnace. If you dig the flowers, a Gardener may attack you. Kill him and dig again. You will get 450 coins, a Gold ring and an Emerald, the quest rewards. The quest is now finished.

      prince ali rescue
      1. Start the quest by talking to Hassan in the palace, he'll tell you to speak with Osman.

      2. Tell Osman that Hassan sent you and you need instructions. He'll tell you Lady Keli has captured Prince Ali, and that you'll need to rescue him. He'll then inform you of two things you need to do: One of them is to make a disguise and the other is to make an imprint of a key.

      3. Head over to Draynor Village and find Leela (the Draynor Village City Guide illustrates the locations of Leela, Aggie, Ned, and Lady Keli). Tell her you are there to help her free the prince. She'll check what items you have and tell you what else you still need.

      4. Find Aggie the witch, she can make you the Skin paste and Yellow dye.

      5. Talk to Ned. If you bring him 4 balls of yarn he can make a rope, and with 3 balls of wool he can make you a wig. Use the yellow dye on the wig, and the diguise is complete.

      6. Talk to Lady Keli, tell her you've heard of her, she's famous all over Runescape. Ask her what her latest plan is, then tell her she must have been very skillful. Then ask her if she's sure they won't let the prisoner out. Make sure you have the soft clay with you and ask her if you can see the key ... then ask her if you can touch it for a moment, then you'll make an imprint of the key in the clay.

      7. Go back to Osman in Al Kharid with the key imprint and a bronze bar, he'll tell you to pick up the key from Leela.

      8. Go into the house near Lady Keli and talk to the guard Joe, tell him you have a beer, fancy one? You'll then ask him if he wants another and automatically hand them to him, he will drink them and get drunk.

      9. Tie up Lady Keli, use your key on the door and talk to the prince. He will take the disguise. Now go back to Hassan and talk to him ... congratz! You're now a friend of Al Kharid and can pass for free.

      the restless ghost
      1. Talk to Aerick and he'll inform you of the situation. He wants you to visit Father Urhney who is meditating in the swamps (How boring would that be?) and ask him how to get rid of the ghost.

      2. Go north around the castle and then go west until you get to the edge of a fence, then go south of it and proceed east to the southeast corner of the swamp.

      3. Talk to Urhney and he'll give you an Amulet of ghostspeak and some info on what the ghost might want.

      4. Head back to the church graveyard and talk to the ghost. He'll be surprised that you can understand him. After getting over himself, he'll tell you that a warlock stole his skull from his coffin, and took it to an island (the Wizards' Tower Island).

      5. Head over to Wizards' Tower (south of Draynor Village) and go down to the basement. In the northeast room, look for a Skull and take it. A skeleton will pop out, kill it or just grab the skull and hightail it out of there.

      6. Go back to the tomb and use the skull with the ghost's coffin. The ghost will vanish and whisper thank you. Of course a minor thank you isn't going to cut it, so the ghost also gives you your reward. Quest completed.

      romeo and juliet
      1. Talk to Juliet on her second floor balcony to learn about the love affair with Romeo and the complications that have set in. She asks you to take a message to Romeo in Varrock square.

      2. Find Romeo in Varrock's main square and he'll tell you what is said in the letter. He directs you to Father Lawrence in the chapel to the northeast

      3. The Father will tell you that you need to make a special potion, a Cadava (cadaver) potion. He sends you to the Apothecary, you can find him just south of the square and a little west (northwest of the Sword store).

      4. Assuming you have your Cadava berries, go to the Apothecary and talk to him twice to get the potion that he mixes for you.

      5. Take the potion back to Juliet and she'll thank you and remind you to go remind Romeo of the plan, because he can "be quite dense sometimes."

      6. Walk back to Romeo and tell him that Juliet has the potion and he needs to go revive her from the crypt. Unfortunately the poor fool misunderstands and thinks she is dead permanently. What a great ending, Juliet dies and Romeo lives his life in misery!

      7. You will get your reward after talking to Romeo, who cares about a bad ending as long as you get your reward, right?

      rune mysteries
      1. To start the quest speak to Duke Horacio who is located on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle.

      2. He will tell you to give a rare Air talisman to the Head Wizard who is located in the Wizard Tower. You will find him in the basement.

      3. The research wizard Sedridor will give you an item that you must give to the Aubury, the Magic store merchant in Varrock's slums.

      4. The rune seller will give you some findings to give back to the wizard. Go to Sedridor again.

      5. Congratulations, you have completed the first RS2-introduced quest.


      Stage One Of Making Runes

      1. To make runes you will need to mine a rock called Rune essence, to find this rock you will need to have completed the Rune Mysteries Quest so that the wizard Sedridor and the Rune seller Aubury can teleport you to the Rune Essence mine. YOU WILL NEED A PICK FOR THIS JOB. Now you are right in front of a large magical rock; mine it until you have as many blank Rune essence as you want. 5 xp for each one mined and it takes around a minute to mine 28 with an Adamant pickaxe.

      2. Creating Magic Runes: Now that you have all these blank runes you will need to charge them. Using your Air talisman, right-click it and select Locate, it will tell you which direction the Air rune charging area is. You are looking for a strange large round stone with rocky ruins surrounding it. When you reach the correct ruin, use your talisman on it and you will be teleported to the runecrafting temple. Right click the stone altar there and select "make air runes". Now that all your blank runes are Air runes, you can continue making runes, increasing your level so that you can make more powerful runes. I made 18 runes and got to level 2 Runecrafting. The next rune you will be able to make at level 2 is Mind runes.

        Lvl 1: Air runes - Air altar is south of Falador

        Lvl 2: Mind runes - Mind altar is north of Falador between Ice mountain and Goblin village

        Lvl 5: Water runes - Water altar is south of Lumbridge

        Lvl 9: Earth runes - Earth altar is northeast of Varrock

        Lvl 14: Fire Runes - Fire altar is on the northwest corner of the Dueling Arena, north of Al Kharid

        Lvl 20 : Body runes - Body altar is east of Ice Mountain, just west of the Barbarian Village and south of the Monastery

      3. Obtaining Talismans: To enter a Runecrafting temple you will need the correct talisman, here is a list of known monsters that drop them.

        Imp (mind)
        Wizard (all)
        Guard (body)
        Farmer (earth)
        Goblin (air)
        Giant (body)
        Lesser Demon (fire)
        Greater Demon (fire)

      sheep shearer
      1. Talk to Fred the Farmer, who is located north of Lumbridge in the little building by all the sheep. Talk to him and tell him that you are in search of a quest, he will respond by saying his sheep need to be sheared and will reward you if you bring back 20 Balls of wool.

      2. Either go south to Lumbridge's General Store and buy Shears, or go northwest to an empty hayfield and grab the Shears that spawn in the northeast corner.

      3. Walk back to the sheep pen and start shearing away. (There is a stile near Fred's house that can be jumped to enter the pen from the north side.) To shear, use the shears on the unshorn sheep. Sometimes they get away, so expect to do some chasing.

      4. Once you have got 20 Wool, go to Lumbridge Castle's second story where you will find a Spinning Wheel in the middle room. Use all of your Wool on it and you should get 20 Balls of wool.

      5. Return to Fred with your 20 Balls of wool and give them to him. He will thank you and reward you. You will receive 1 quest point, 60gp, and around 150 crafting exp (amount may be based upon your level).


      shield of arrav
      1. Walk to the Varrock Castle Library and ask Reldo if he's got any quests for you. He will begin talking about the Shield of Arrav and asks you to find a book on one of the shelves. (Make your friend do this quest along with you, it will prove helpful in the end.)

      2. Find the book, read it. it will talk about the Gangs: Black Arm and Phoenix. Return to Reldo, he will tell you to go to Baraek.

      3. Baraek is in the marketplace, he will only agree to tell you about the gang for 20 coins (cheap scum). Pay him and he will tell you about the gang.

      4. Go talk to the Tramp in the alley south of the Sword shop in Varrock. Ask him what's behind the alley. He will tell you about the Black Arm gang.

        Choosing your gang:
      • I chose the Black Arm gang because it was easier, so have you or your friend choose a gang, each gang member has different tasks.

        Black Arm Gang:
      1. If you chose Black Arm then Katrine will tell you to steal some Phoenix crossbows, this is where your friend comes in.

      2. Have your friend go to the Blue Moon Inn and kill Jonny the beard (level 2). Retrieve the Scroll and have him go to the Phoenix Gang headquarters and talk to the gang leader (located in a small house where it will be marked by a dungeon icon on your map).

      3. The Phoenix Gang leader will give your friend a key to the Phoenix Gang's weapon storehouse (located in a house to the east of the Gang dungeon entrance). Have your friend retrieve some Phoenix crossbows from the armory and give them to you. Also make sure your friend grabs the other part of the Shield from the Phoenix Gang dungeon.

      4. Now that you have the crossbows, talk to Katrine and tell her about the crossbows, then enter the upper area of the gang house and search the cupboard to retrieve the Shield half.

      5. Talk to the King and he will tell you to go to the museum to show the Curator. The Curator will give you 2 scrolls.

      6. Take the scrolls back to the King and claim your reward.

        Phoenix Gang:
      1. Starting the Phoenix Gang again talk to Baraek he will tell you about the quest. Go to the Gang headquarters and talk to Straven, he'll ask you to kill Jonny the beard and take the Scroll. Go to the Blue Moon Inn and kill Jonny the beard (level 2). He drops a Scroll ("An intelligence report.") Grab it.

      2. Take the Scroll to the Phoenix Gang's headquarters. It is marked by a large dungeon icon on your map in the southern area of Varrock, southwest of Aubury.

      3. Go down the ladder and talk to the gang leader Straven. He will talk and talk about VTM Corporation. Tell him you know who they really are.

      4. He says okay, then ask him if you can join. He says you have to kill an agent and bring his intelligence scroll; you already have that.

      5. Give the Scroll to Straven and he'll let you inside. Get the Shield from the chest in the bedroom, and make your friend get the other part in the Black Arm gang HQ.

      Note: Give your friend one of the reward scrolls for his part in this.

      Congrats!!! you are 600 gold richer and have gained a quest point.

      vampire slayer
      1. Find Morgan in Draynor; its not that hard, it's a small village. He'll tell you about the vampire and that he wants you to kill it. He'll also tell you to go find his friend Dr. Harlow at the Jolly Boar Inn.

      2. First, go upstairs and search the wall cupboard for a clove of Garlic. Then go northeast of Varrock to the Jolly Boar Inn.

      3. Talk to Dr. Harlow and get him a beer when he asks for it. He'll tell you how to beat the vampire and give you a Stake.

      4. Get everything you need and go to Draynor Manor. Head to the stairs that go down. Open the coffin and the Count (level 34) should jump out and start attacking you.

      5. Attack him until he's full red bar and the Stake should automatically stab him. If not make sure you have a Hammer with you and the Stake. [If it still doesn't work try stuff like using Garlic on him and manually stabbing him with the Stake.]

      6. Once he's dead you have finished the quest (Congratulations).

      witch's potion
      1. Talk to the Witch Hetty and she will tell you about getting the ingredients for the cauldron. You will need four items: an Onion, Burnt meat, an Eye of Newt and a Rat tail.

      2. Onion can be found Northwest of Rimmington. When you find the field, pick one.

      3. Burnt Meat: You will need burnt rat meat, burnt beef (cow meat), or burnt bear meat. I would suggest rat meat. Just go East of the village and you will find some big rats. Kill one and get the meat. Return to the village. Go to the house North of Hetty's house. Use meat on the range. If you have cooked it successfuly, use the cooked meat on the range again. You will get burnt meat.

      4. Rat Tail: Just kill one of the rats in this village and it will drop a Rat tail. You must start the quest before killing the rat.

      5. Eye of Newt: Go to the Port Sarim Magic Shop to buy one

      6. After getting the ingredients, return to Hetty's house and talk to her. She will tell you the cauldron is done and ask you to drink it. Click on the cauldron to drink it and the quest is finished.

      prince ali rescue